Pan Rentals

CakeNCandy offers pan rentals and our exclusive TryNBuy cake pan program. Why buy an expensive pan you know you will only use once when you can rent one?

We have hundreds of pans to choose from; round, square, rectangle, objects, and characters. Before you buy another pan call CakeNCandy first.

If you’re planning on buying a pan, try our exclusive 7-day TryNBuy Pan Program. Choose from our large selection of pre-owned cake pans. Most of which have been used only once. Well that’s not even broken in yet.

There are many occasions when you only need a specific pan once. Before you buy your next cake pan call CakeNCandy at 269-345-2253 or stop in and try our rental or TryNBuy program. It’s easy. Save your money, save your time. Either way, call or stop by today.