Save 10% on Chocolate

With so many people making treats for the holidays the demand for chocolate increases. There’s nothing worse than not having what you need when the time comes to make your delicious creations. CakeNCandy has an idea so this won’t happen to you.

To ensure you get all the chocolate you need at its freshest and get 10% off, do the following now:

  1. Call CakeNCandy at 269-345-2253 or stop by the store.
  2. Tell us what chocolate disks you need, how much you need, and when you need it.
  3. Pay for your order in full.

That’s it! You get 10% off.

We will call you when your order arrives – fresh chocolate for your treat making right when you need it.

You save time by planning ahead. No last-minute shopping from store to store, hoping the next store will have what you want. No last-minute ordering, because they don’t have what you want. No last-minute worrying, because you planned ahead. Your chocolate will arrive fresh to the store when you’re ready for it

You save money by taking action. By ordering and paying in full by November 30th you save 10% off your chocolate disks order. You also save gas money by not shopping from store to store. And that saves you time and time is money. Save your money for other things tugging on your bank account during the holidays.

Grab your credit card and call CakeNCandy at 269-345-2253 now. Do it now before you forget, this offer expires soon.